SLINGSHOT WIZARD 2019 Windsurf Foil


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SLINGSHOT WIZARD 2019 Windsurf Foil


SLINGSHOT WIZARD 2019 Sale – Windsurf Foil

So you know how standard windsurf boards are right? Huge totems to be carried on the top of your car because they wouldn’t fit not even a military van. Thank god hmanity every here and then make some progression and now, thanks to the invention of the foil, you don’t need so much surface.

Floaty enough to uphaul but compact enough to fit in a station wagon, the Slingshot Wizard is a windsurf foil board for those riders who didn’t give a f%@k and kept practicing their hydrofoil abilities, doesn’t matter what their bloody friends said while staying at the beach.

If you’ve mastered the basics of windsurf foiling and are now beyond the learning curve a shorter, more agile board like the Wizard is the natural evolution. All you need is enough volume to uphaul and pump to a plane. From there, the shorter the board, the more nimble and free it will feel on the water.

The 2019 Slingshot Wizard features a more compact platform and less swing weight. Yeppeee!

SLINGSHOT WIZARD 2019 Package Includes:

  • 4 FOOTSTRAPS you’ll have plenty!

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