Slingshot SST was formerly known as “Wave SST”, so how do you expect this kite to be designed for?
What does SST stay for? No idea.
The Slingshot SST 2020 is the kite of choice for:
  • Wave Kitesurfing
  • Kite foiling
  • Downwind fanatics
  • And freeriders in general.

The Slingshot SST will give you solid down the line drift, through the window speed and immediate reactivity. 

Picture something like tow-in surfing, how does that would feel? Not bad in my mind…

So the SST is been designed by the Slingshot crew to deliver the power and performance to get you into position, drifts like a king as you ride down the line, and reengage with the flick if a wrist. Whoa!

These same qualities make the SST the perfect choice for foiling, for full feed-back and responsive steering no matter how powered you are or what direction you’re riding.

Your new best friend, a part from the fact that it can’t also be your wingman for trying to pick up girls outside of the water sorry.

Slingshot SST 2020 features:

  • NEW 4×4 Canopy Tech, super strong dude!
  • Reinforced Surf-Tough seams built to take a beating in the surf. Yeah I like that!
  • Tuned to fly deeper in the window for superior drift.
  • Remains responsive when sheeted out, depowered and going down the line. Oh that’s handy!
  • Quick and reactive steering with minimal bar input (even if you’re barely fit this kite will still act reactive).
  • Instant Relaunch (’cause Slingshot deeply knows that you are a Kook!)

Slingshot SST 2020 Package includes:

  • SST Kite (of course)
  • Kite bag (goes by itself)
  • Bladder patch kit (you never know)
  • replacement IRS bungee for slingshot Bars (in case of heavy usage)

Slingshot SST 2020 Specs:


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