SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Wake Boots with Walk Liners


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SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Wake Boots with Walk Liners


The Slingshot Space Mob 2020 is the evolution of  the former Shred Town. At some point someone at Slingshot partied too much and decided that that binding was going to evolve in something reminding of an astronaut boot with a space like pattern for their inner liners. Huh?!

It’s an all-terrain boot with the most support and tunability in the Slingshot line, with walk liners to protect your nail polish and run around the park while your friends are walking tip toe.

They feature Slingshot’s innovative gummy strap closure system, which means they are simple to get in and out, and now they’re also customizeable.

Back in the days, many riders used to to cut away the Shred Town’s tongue and rely only on de inner walking liner tongue for a better flex. After a while, space engineers at Slingshot got the message, and now on the Space Mob you can finally customize the stiffness thanks the optional secondary tongue support! This is listening to your customers! Well done Sling, well done…

SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Package Includes: 

  • 2020 Space mob boots with liners (ça va sans dire)
  • K9 mounting hardware w/ standard M6 (it’s the screws man!)
  • TWO sets of Gummy Straps with different colorways (as if the boot wasn’t colorful enough).

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