SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Directional Wakeboard

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1 in stock

SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Directional Wakeboard


A directional wakeboard! What?!

Ok, so you’ve been wakeboarding for quite a while, you’ve been riding in circle around the same cable park for thousands and thousands of miles, shredded every single fearure, landed every single trick on your wishlist, and it feels like you’ve seen it all. You’re actually thinking about moving to golf.

The Slingshot Space Mob 2020 Asymmetrical / Directional Wakeboard can bring new challenges and freshness to your riding!

Ride it with or without boots for totally mental sessions, this board was not designed to be taken seriously.

While sliding on features, you will still be able to land your, pretzels, bagels or blinds, even though being a pro rider might help.

One size only: 160 cm.

Inspirational Video for the SLINGSHOT SPACE MOB 2020 Directional Wakeboard: