Slingshot used to miss an Air Style specific kite in it’s lineup. For 2020 the American brand decided to fill the gap with the spanking new Slinshot Raptor V1: a hard-charging, high-flying, big air freestyle/freeride crossover designed for riders who want lift, boost, hang time and high-performance versatility.

The Slingshot Raptor will give you top-end performances without sacrificing the safety or user-friendly feel that appeals to a broad range of kiters (Including you, world renowned kook!).

Now you have a kite that will make you GO BIG, you just need to add some style.

SLINGSHOT RAPTOR V1 2020 Features:

It’s a new kite so, guess what, it features plenty of new stuff!

  • NEW 4×4 Canopy Tech: Slingshot upgraded canopy construction with Teijin 4×4 reinforced ripstop material. Highly Durable, plus it  will survive any of your whooops moments.
  • NEW Hybrid Open-C Canopy with 5 struts for stability and rigidity, needed for big-air boosting and extreme wind conditions.
  • NEW Segmented Swept Wingtips with variable diameter segments, which combine together to improve the kite’s structural stability, response time, and relaunch.
  • Pullyless Bridle for direct bar feel and input, maximum wind range, turning speed, easy relaunch and  top upwind performance. Pulleys sucks!
  • Multiple Attachment Points integrated into the kite allow you to fine-tune handling, power and performance according to your riding style and the actual conditions.
  • Split Strut = Strut and canopy are integrated into one firmly interconnected piece. Guess what? The kite is way more solid and efficient this way.
  • One Pump Speed System. It’s 2020 dude, don’t ever think to buy a kite that needs the struts to be inflated one by one!
  • Surf-Tough Construction: Reinforced seams and a strategic surf-grid canopy that isolates tears and reduces the chance of catastrophic blowouts. ‘Cause Slingshot knows you’re a kook!
  • Bomb proof Construction: Kevlar scuff patches, reinforced trailing edge, reinforced leading edge seams, diamond leech rear panel layout. Slingshot can’t protect its kites from you, but they are making an effort, that’s for sure.

SLINGSHOT RAPTOR V1 2020 pack includes:

  • Your Kite (say: “thank you!”)
  • New Slingshot  kite bag
  • Bladder patch kit

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