SLINGSHOT RAD 2020 Wake Boots



SLINGSHOT RAD 2020 Wake Boots


Slingshot RAD it’s probably the most stylish 2020 Wake Binding.  This said, it still can’t do much if your riding style sucks. Go out there and practice your tricks for as often as you possibly can.

The RAD it’s a flagship Wakeboard accessory in the Slingshot line, and the dudes at hood river keep working for making it better year after year (maybe also because otherwise the wouldn’t get their monthly pay check). 2020 Slingshot RAD is lighter, lower profile, higher performance and also far more flattering for calves.  It fits all styles of riding: park, boat, and it’s also a Wakestyle devoted kiters’ favorite .

SLINGSHOT RAD 2020 Features:

  • Dual-Zone-Closure system = 1 pull string + 1 Slingshot signature gummy strap at the top.
  • Direct Base System
  • Elegant but bomb proof
  • 2020 RAD boots
  • K9 mounting hardware w/ standard M6 (It’s the screws dude!)
  • TWO sets of Gummy Straps with different colorways, ’cause style does matter.
  • SLINGSHOT RAD 2020 Sizess:

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