Slingshot Machine V1 2022

Wanna go BIG? The Slingshot Machine is a totally new Big Air specific kite. What makes it better than the previous “Raptor”? Scroll to the description section to find out!



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Slingshot Machine V1 2022

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We’ll do our best to satisfy your color request, BUT if the kite coloring is a “Make or break” factor for you, please contact us BEFORE ordering so that we can let you know all the available options in advance. Thanks!

Slingshot Machine: the best Big Air Kite for 2022?

By now you folks should already know that for 2022 Slingshot released a totally new Big Air specific kite, the Machine V1, which took the place of the Raptor on the Slingshot kite range.

If you had the chance to try the raptor, it felt much like an improved version of the Rally, whit better lift but a not impressive hang-time (note: I mean the old school Rally, not the actual Rally-GT).

Whats’ new in The Machine V1?

Ok, here you can read some technical blah blah blah provided by the producer before my highly trusted opinion (below).

At a first look, you can witness how the 2022 Slingshot Machine V1 shows an all-new frame geometry coupled to a highly efficient aspect ratio, for a totally new design focusing on offering the maximum lift and air-time for Big-Air and old-school freestyle tricks,

The Mighty Machine V1 features the ultra-resistant 4×4 Canopy Tech with reinforced Teijin ripstop nylon, introduced by Slingshot in 2021), a minimalistic, strategic paneling layout to reduce weight, and pulleyless bridles.

Upwind Ability

As we are all aware that most kiters youth there are kooks working hard to get over a single-meter jump (but still prone to invest more money on Woos than on clinics) the kind Slingshot engineers designed this kite to fly upwind super efficiently, to turn lightning fast, and to be easy to handle (and of course easy to relaunch from the water you kook!).

Finally, a wide wind range and good depower ability are always much-appreciated characteristics in a kite sail (unleast you like C-Kites of course).


The 2022 Machine is of course compatible with the Slingshot Sentry Bar V1.



Slingshot Machine VS Raptor

If you are able to read, and had spent some time to review what I wrote above, you should have enough information to understand that the Slingshot Machine is not just an evolution of the Raptor. The Machine V1 features infact a completely new design with an even higher aspect ratio and a lighter construction.

All this being said, I was really curious to try the new Machine, which I tested for the first time last autumn in pre-view (being a kite dealer gots its advantages, ha!)


Slingshot Machine: Review & Opinion by Tojo

First of all, I recommend trying this kite well powered to truly understand it’s potential. The first time I tried the Machin was on a 10mt and I was a bit underpowered, with some people around me kiting on 12 meters. My experience was therefore not special, even if I could feel there was some hidden potential undercover in the sail…

The second time I tested the Machine, I was well powered on my 10mt, with people kiting on 9 or less. Well, from the very first jump I fell in love. I got lifted up in the sky where everything was silent and I reached peace of mind. I swear I didn’t get any hallucinogen before going out. Moreover, the hang time is literally never-ending, it kinda felt even longer than the hang time you usually get from bigger-sized kites (like 17mt).

Besides this, the Slingshot Machine also loops smoothly, despite its wide design might look intimidating at a first sight.


Now, close your eyes and imagine being up in the sky, everything silent, for a long while.


Don’t you suddenly feel the urgent need to get your hands on this kite???


Well, is here at your service, with all the Machine V1 sizes available and the chance of personalized deals.




I suggest considering to get 1mt more than you would normally ride if you are into big- and air-style, bu also to consider having at least a 2 kites quiver if you want to kite also on stronger wind (so let’s say a 10mt and a 8mt for an average 70-75kg rider).



The Slingshot Machine V1 will allow kitesurfers of all levels to learn new tricks and reach previously unimaginable record heights, launching riders skyward while maintaining a lightning-quick reaction time!


Built with Slingshot quality and the best materials currently available on the market, the Machine V1 is surely one of the most technically advanced kites produced in the last years.

The Machine V1 is the perfect freeride kite & big air kite for those looking to  maximize performance.

The Machine V1 delivers stability, strength and unmatched wind range so you can unleash bigger jumps  in any conditions – unlocking an exhilarating new level of extreme kitesurfing!


  • Big-air specific shape for record heights
  • High aspect ratio
  • Insane hangtime
  • Wide wind range
  • User-friendly Freeride performance


Watch the official video for the Slingshot Machine V1

The Under-19 World Champion, Jeremy Burlando, demonstrates how this kite offers maximum performance not only in Big-Air, but also in strapless and unhooked freestyle riding.