2022 Slingshot Highline V1

A high-quality entry-level cable park wakeboard ideal for beginners and intermediate riders. Slingshot Highline V1 can bring your zero to hero.

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2022 Slingshot Highline V1

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Slingshot Highline V1 Wakeboard

A very progressive cable-board

sizes 141/145 /149

Fort the 2022 Season SS introduced a new board that will make beginner wakeboarders happy. The Slingshot Highline V1 is a next generation wakeboard cable board featuring an entirely new design, more affordable price point, and better performance than what you find with other brands today!

The Construction of the H1 is very similar to the Slingshot Windsor , this means it is ideal for the wake park and will help you learn that backroll as your first 360s from the kicker. The wood core provides a nice flex so you can do all the presses you like on this wakeboard.


  • entry-level price point
  • simple wood core
  • carbon bedrock inserts
  • singleshot fusion sidewalls
  • continuous rocker profile
  • grind base

Slingshot Highline V1  review

A high-quality entry-level cable park wakeboard ideal for beginners but also for intermediate riders. The H1 features the basic dna of the celeber  Slingshot Windsor but with a softer flex pattern, therefore it has the potential to bring your level up from zero to hero

If you are looking for a new Slingshot cable park board without breaking the bank….the 2022 Highline v1 is the right board for you!