SLINGSHOT CONVERTER 2020 - Surfboard 5’4”


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1 in stock

SLINGSHOT CONVERTER 2020 - Surfboard 5’4”


The Slingshot Converter 2020 is a one-board-quiver that lets you switch between kitesurfing and foiling. Oh yeah!
This board will be your ultimate travel companion when you want the ability to surf some sessions and foil on lighter winds. This guarantees you pretty much  will never stay at your hotel waiting.
For surfing, the Converter has a versatile all-around  shape, for foiling it will give you that familiar feel they you know from get from riding a surfboard, ratherr than a dedicated foil board. Pure Love.
For 2020 the Slingshot Converter features a lighter construction, which always comes in handy.

The Slingshot Converter 2020 features:

  • New ight construction
  • New Cushy corduroy deck pad
  • Versatile size and shape for both sufing and foiling
  • Adjustable foil mount & keyless FCSII fin system. Yeeew!
  • Switch between surf and foil in about 60 seconds. Nice!

The Slingshot Converter 2020 package includes:

  • Converter Board (ya know)
  • Pedestal mounting hardware
  • 3 FCS 2 Fins

The Slingshot Converter 2020 Sizes:

SLINGSHOT CONVERTER 2020 - 5’4” tech chart

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