2019 Slingshot Asylum 138 cm - SALE!

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5 in stock

2019 Slingshot Asylum 138 cm - SALE!


Slingshot Asylum 138 cm 2019

Freestyle – Wakestyle Kiteboard

2019 Slingshot Asylum is a perfect kiteboard for any demanding freestyle/wakestyle rider. It features some aggressive laser cut channels to provide massive grip.
Solid grip also means that this board is more maneuverable at high speeds and can guarantee more controlled landings, just in case…

The Asylum is designed to make you jump higher, pop harder and push your limits.

Bottom Line: We know you are a Kook, but this is a solid freestyle board to pretend you are a freestyler while posing around on the beach.


Sliding on Stuff

The Asylum allows you to ride with or without fins, in case you are willing to try to hit some rails and sliders. Eventhough if you want a board for both kite and ride at your local wakeboard park, we would rather recommend you the Slingshot Refraction, also on sale on our website.


The Chined Plane Rails and its progressive outline prevents sprays by pushing the water down and away from the rider, for a careless freeride experience.

With the last Asylums now on Sale on, this is one of the best deals online if you want to have a top of the range freestyle kiteboard at a fair price!


138 CM


  • Freestyle rocker: Huge pop, soft landings
  • Aggressive channels: maximize board speed and grip
  • Chined Plane Rails: no sprays in your face!
  • Atomic wood-core: flexible but super solid
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Dura-Glide base for kickers, rails and sliders


  • Asylum Board 138 cm
  • 4 Kite Fins 2” ( 5.08 Cm )
  • Grab Handle