SLINGHOT DWARFCRAFT 2020 Foil Board - 3'6" & 4'6"


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SLINGHOT DWARFCRAFT 2020 Foil Board - 3'6" & 4'6"


How big do you expect a foil board called “Dwarf Craft” to be?

Exactly, the Slingshot Dwarf Craft 2020 it’s designed in pretty compact sizes.


The Dwarf Craft is a versatile foil board that’s friendly enough to learn on, but also progressive enough to use once you’ve mastered foiling. Light and agile, with the beveled bottom of a more advanced board, the volume and front-end rocker of a user-f riendly setup and a concaved deck that will help you know where your feet are at all times. Like, really, this could be the only foil board you might need in your longeve foiling career.

A comfortable, all-around foil board that just about anyone at all ability levels can hop on and immediately feel at ease (after the first succesful foiling attempts I might add).

Slingshot Dwarf Craft 2020 features:

  • New Cushy corduroy deck pad.
  • New Footstrap inserts.
  • Front end rocker and volume help reduce nose-diving (Because Slingshot knows you are a kook!)
  • Beveled/chined rails, reduce catching an edge when carving (see above).
  • Concave deck ,increases turning response and helps with foot position.
  • Adjustable track mount, lets you dial in foil position.

Slingshot Dwarf Craft 2020 Pecs:

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3’6”, 4’6”