Sabfoil W800 Front Wing


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1 in stock

Sabfoil W800 Front Wing


Wingsurf, surf and slalom hydrofoil front wing

The Sabfoil W800 is a fast foil front wing for windsurf, surf and slalom. Its high-aspect-ratio design will give you the best speed, while its glide capabilities and easy pumping make it perfect as both a primary or additional front wing in your hydrofoil quiver!


  • Insane glide
  • Superfast
  • Quick turns

Sabfoil W800 Review

Formerly “Moses Foil”, Sabfoil is a top-quality Italian brand, highly specialized in carbon hydrofoil gear with a wooden core, which generates less noise and offers better performance than a foam core.

It’s always been between our all-time favorite foil gear, therefore we can’t recommend enough the brand.

You will find that Sab’s front wings are relatively close to the mast, resulting in direct action and an increased lift effect.

Sabfoil wings are also compatible with most board brands, so you can purchase them freely.