RONIX SUPREME EXP 2020 with Walk Liner - Olive / Bordeaux


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RONIX SUPREME EXP 2020 with Walk Liner - Olive / Bordeaux


Here for you the Ronix Supreme EXP 2020 with walk liners! For rider who spend a lot of time committing to new tricks, crashes a lot, cares zero to nothing, and spend even more time walking around the park, attempt after attempt. Is that you? Get a pair of those!

It it’s not clear enough, this version of the Supreme EXP by Ronix, have a base-less main frame to be mounted on your deck and some nice walk liners  for you to wear and slip in and out the frame. You can tight them as much as you need with multiple and customizable narrow straps. Got it?

Platform: MainFrame
Flex: Symmetrical: 7
Footbed Feel: Baseless: 2

RONIX SUPREME EXP 2020 /  Walk Liner, specs:

  • Main Frame chassis harnessed together with Super Straps: customized zonal fit for your freestyle oriented feet. Effortless tightening and adjustability, easy entry.
  • Flex Form Heel
  • EXP S.O.L.E.: indestructible rubber outsole on top of a plush foam midsole for ultimate comfort and walkability. Whoha!
  • Intuition Liner: Heat moldable liners create a fit unique to your anatomy. Because no two feet are the same, even left and right.

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