O’BRIEN SOB 2019 Wakeboard

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O’BRIEN SOB 2019 Wakeboard


The O’Brien S.O.B. 2019 its been designed to be a park board, but turned out to excel also behind the boat. Magic!

Initially thought to appeal to the needs of the hard charging cable freaks, O’brien S.O.B. 2019 may be the most versatile board on the market.

Sean O’Brien swears that it’s the best board he has ever ridden behind the boat but he could maybe have a conflict of interest in saying so.

Its refined flex pattern feels snappy under your feet allowing for huge ollies, explosive pop off kickers, effortless pressing, and smooth landings. But we both know that while at the Cable Park you will spend most of your time at the bar.

Ps: If anybody knows what the hell S.O.B. stays for please email me.

O’BRIEN S.O.B. 2019 Features:

  • Impact Base
  • Dura Rail Sidewalls
  • Fusion Core
  • Essental channeling
  • Concave Hull

O’BRIEN S.O.B. 2019 Sizes:O’BRIEN S.O.B. 2019 sizes

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