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Do you feel like seeing double? Are you drunk or what?


Thing is that for 2020 F-One decided to split the legendary Bandit line developing two different kites.

Why they didn’t adopt two different names remains a mystery.

So for 2020 you can choose between:

2020 BANDIT for freestyle, wakestyle and Kite Loops.

2020 BANDIT S with reduced size for strapless Wave Riding.

Splitting the 2020 Bandit line in 2 different kites allowed the guys at F-One to change drastically the smaller sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10 Bandit are now set to be ridden fully overpower with impressive big air and kite loops, while the bigger sizes (11, 12, 14)  have been tweaked to offer improvedstability,  low-end wind range and lightness.

The Idea is to give you a unique kite to fill your quiver according to your style… if you have one.

Our good friend Bandido now features also:

  • New “Spider Bridle” which keeps the profile arc of the kite stable also in overpowered conditions.
    2 possible setups: 4 or 5 points.
  • New outline with squarer tips and narrower angle, for more maneuverability and faster turns.
  • Slightly larger leading edge for improved stability, no matter what the crazy conditions you are thinking to ride through, fool!
  • Constant power distribution, so it won’t  deform when depowered and will feel smooth also in those shitty super gusty conditions.
  • Less lateral pull, for better upwind performance. less fatigue and therefore longer riding (unless you are a fat ass, than you still have to hit the gym dude!).
  • BETTER KITE LOOPS! With predictable turning arc and fast and clean the speed back to the zenith.

The 2020 BANDIT hass a little more positive  bar pressure than the BANDIT S allowing you to feel where the kite is at all times, expecially during hardcore Kite Loops, but it wll still turn quick don’t worry Larry.

If you want you will still be able to catch some waves with this version of the 2020 bandit, as it is designed to be a performance all-around kite, but if you’re a hardcore surfer you should have a look at the Bandit S.

Ps: “Bandit” is probably the best name a kite ever had.


Fone Bandit 2020
Nice colors hay?!

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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14