Cabrinha Switchblade 2022

The Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 is a responsive and user-friendly freeride/freestyle all-round kite with some cool innovations for this year.

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Cabrinha Switchblade 2022

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All Round Kite Cabrinha Switchblade

BIG-air, freestyle & freeride kite


If you’ve been into kitesurfing for a while like me, you probably remember Mr. Andre Philip, pushing the wakestyle boundaries hitting urban features with his fellow Cabrinha Switchblade in legendary videos like Island Time by Kite Scoop. Mannn 10 years already! Time flies while you’re having fun…


Ok, let’s get back to the present year, to see what like the new switchblade kite.


As you can imagine, the Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 is a totally different product, more user friendly and all-round performance oriented, made to exel at freestyle, big-air but also freeride, making it adapt for both beginner and experienced kiters.

This new version brings even further innovations in the design and the technologies of this iconic and competition-winner kite.

2022 Cabrinha Switchblade

For 2022 Cabrinha aimed at further improving the switchblade performances in terms of durability, fast response, boost and hang time.


What’s New:

Cabrinha Ceramic Pulleys

New Ceramic Pulleys & bridle configuration:

The 2022 Switchblade features a completely redesigned and rebalanced bridling structure, which improves both the speed and the feeling of the kite. The Switchblade now feels lighter, faster, and offers more control while jumping.


Open Profile with 5 Struts

The 5 strut construction of the Switchblade guarantees total control at all times, also in the gustiest conditions, while its open design makes for a generous wind range a great hang time!

Boosting and jumping high has never been so simple as with the 2022 Cabrinha Switchblade!


Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 Sizes:

  • 5m
  • 6m
  • 7m
  • 8m
  • 9m
  • 10m
  • 11m
  • 12m
  • 14m


  • New Design: its 5 strut construction results stable also in stronger winds, while the wide arc of the kite allows for endless glide.
  • A brand new bridles system with innovative Ceramic Pulleys made of Zirconia that significantly reduce the wear on the bridles.The new configuration feels lighter and makes the kite steer faster than before. 
  • Swept leading edge for a bigger wind range and easier water relaunch also in light wind conditions. (Because we all know you Kooks need to relaunch frequently).
  •  Super-strong Nano Ripstop with 4 times more squares per square centimeter than the normal kite ripstop! A stiffer canopy for a more durable and faster kite. YAY! 
  • Excellent Upwind Performance effective and effortless upwind performance. If you can’t ride upwind with this kite, you can consider to change sport (nah, I’m joking…). 
  • INSANE HANG-TIME: You will LOVE it.


Watch the Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 official video: 

Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 Review

The Cabrinha’s design team is always been known for being one of the most innovative and experimental teams out there, even if some of their innovations didn’t make it to set a new standard (I’m thinking about the fireball, the recoil spring, and their previous release system). This time the ceramic pulleys bridling system could make it in having a wide recognition, as they represent a simple yet functional hack.

The signature Cabrinha kite is now more user-friendly than ever, with some spot-on innovations that will be enjoyed by the advanced folks and enhanced performances as you would expect from any edition of a top-of-the-range kite.

So yeah, the 2022 Cabrinha Switchblade can take you from zero to hero, that is from your first rides on the water to powered unhooked tricks, the big-air jumps, and megaloops.

If you are looking for a responsive and user-friendly freeride boosting machine the Cabrinha Switchblade 2022 is a nice pick!