2022 Slingshot Rally GT V2. An allround kite that does it all: unhooks smoothly, jumps nice, & goes upwind more efficiently than freestyle models, particularly in light wind.


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Slingshot Rally Kite

All-round / Do it all

The resigned version of the classic Slingshot Rally gets to its second version (Yeah that’s what V2 stands for dude, what did you think?).

The Slingshot Rally GT 2022 pursue the mission of being a true “all-riders, all-conditions, one-kite-wonder, unrivaled in terms of versatility and friendly performance”.

To improve the RALLY GT, for 2022 Slingshot tapered the diameter of the leading edge to be smaller and more efficient, allowing the kite to move quicker through the wind window, to turn faster, and to provide a better upwind reach. The redesigned leading edge also adds more power per size and lighter bar pressure, especially in the larger sizes of the GT Kite.

The RALLY GT V2 also features two different bridle configurations depending on the size of your kite. This diversity was made to allow for better range and even more stellar relaunch than the inaugural version.


Whats New:


4-Point IRS Bridle

The 5m, 6m, and 7m RALLY GT v2 feature our 4-point IRS bridle system. This IRS system features a bungee line on the lowest leading edge connection that provides superior stability as well as immediate and smooth kite feedback. This bridle configuration maintains that legendary Slingshot bar feel yet delivers hero level turning speed without any delay in handling and response.


4 Point Pulleyed IRS Bridle

The IRS bridle system mounted on the Rally GT has been reconfigured with a new frictionless pulley, implemented on the 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, and 14m sizes. You will notice that this new configuration delivers better speed thanks to better steering response, reaction time, and response at the edge of the wind window. All of This translates into better light wind performance, water relaunch, as well as a larger wind range and upwind ability. BAM!



  • All-around crossover kite
  • User friendly and easy for learning and progressing
  • Increased turning speed and upwind ability
  • Relaunches quicker (died really, now also you can do it).
  • Super wide range and versatility



The Rally GT is the easy-kite in the Slingshots range. You know, often the folks at the beach go like “ah that’s the easy kite, that’s the beginner kite, blah blah” and even if they are still green at kitesurfing they tend to go for more grunty freestyle models.

Well you know what? I demoed the Slingshot Rally GT V2 last year and it unhooks smoothly, jumps nice, and rides upwind more efficiently than the freestyle models, particularly in light wind conditions. Get one, you won’t regret!

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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14