2022 Duotone Unit V2 - Foil Wing

The 2022 Duotone Unit wing is a redesigned version of the Duotone Wing Unit featuring some new rigid grab handles and canopy orientation.

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2022 Duotone Unit V2 - Foil Wing

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Duotone Wing

Please welcome… a completely redesigned version of the Unit wing!

The Duotone Unit 2022 is a wave surf foil wing, characterized by easy handling and power delivery.

For its second version, the Unit V2 has been completely redesigned, read more below.


What’s new:

New Grab Handles

The traditional textile handles you were used to find on a Duotone wing have been replaced by 2 rigid long grab handles, that pretty much resemble a boom split into two different sections. What’s this? Well, these grab handles offer the same benefits of a rigid boom in terms of performance, power generation, and handling, but all at a lower weight!

For better control and reliability, the boom/handles are screwed into a patch support and are therefore removable.

New Canopy

The 2022 Unit’s panels are now oriented lengthwise instead of front-to-back. This results in more tension in the front part of the wing, where all the power and draft are. The power of the wind is so more concentrated in the front part of the wing, that now generates an upward lift, which will help riders during technical tacks or jibes.

There’s no better way to describe it than saying that you will be constantly lifted upwards dude.

This extra tension on the canopy also reduces turbulence, which comes in particularly handy while surfing waves.


DLAB – Duotone Laboratory

For a lighter & stiffer version, check the product page for the 2022 Duotone Unit DLAB, featuring the prima Aluula fiber.

Duotone Unit 2022 Features

  • New hybrid boom/grab handles
  • New canopy orientation
  • Upward lift
  • Easy handling

Duotone Wing Unit Sizes

  • 3.5 mt
  • 4 mt
  • 4.5 mt
  • 5 mt
  • 5.5 mt


Watch the official video for the Duotone Unit 2022

2022 Duotone Unit Review:

The Duotone wing Unit is an advanced tech foil wing particularly apt for surfing waves. If you like hybrid wings, you will probably like this new boom/handles setup, that can give you the best of both worlds.