2021 Duotone Slick Wing Foil

The Duotone Slick 2021 is a versatile allround wing foil sail with a rigid mini boom that you can use for freestyle, freeride and wave surfing.

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2021 Duotone Slick Wing Foil

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Allround Foil Wing by Duotone 


The Duotone Slick 2021 is a versatile allround wing foil sail. If you want a wingsurfer that will let you go wave surfing, jumping, or freeriding the Slick will always be with you, doesn’t matter the discipline or the conditions.

2021 Duotone Slick features a new shape that makes this wing foil masterpiece by Duotone super stable while also providing better depower and drift ability. The center strut is equipped with a “mini-boom” that provides more control and extra stiffness to the wing. This wing is therefore ideal for former windsurfers and foilers who prefer a rigid booms to grip handles.

Finally, the Slick also features a couple of PU windows that will let you see where you are going, as we already know that you don’t know what you are doing… ah!



  • Mini rigid boom
  • Allround Versatility: Good for all the wingsurfing disciplines
  • Extra stability
  • Reduced wingspan


Sizes Available:

  • 2.5 mt
  • 3 mt
  • 3.5 mt
  • 4 mt
  • 4.5 mt
  • 5 mt
  • 5.5 mt
  • 6 mt
  • 6.5 mt
  • 7 mt


Watch the official video for the 2021 Duotone Slick Wing


2021 Duotone Slick Review:

The 2021 Duotone Slick is a top-quality allround wing foil sail, designed for those wingsurfersriders who want to practice freestyle, freeride and surfing using the same wing foil sail. The 2021 improvements make the Duotone Slik even more performing and easy to handle.