Takuma WK Surf Foil Wing 2021



Takuma WK Surf Foil Wing 2021

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Takuma Foil Surf Wing

The compact Takuma WK wing delivers the ideal balance between power, lightweight and comfort. It has been developed to be an extremely versatile all-rounder for beginners to advanced riders alike. Its incredible stability offers a great performance over a wide wind range, while its user-friendly design makes it easy enough for complete novices.

You will be blown away by how simple it is to use and by the feeling of freedom it transmits, as you progress without limits with this awesome new foil wing!

Construction & handling

The Takuma WK is a surf foil wing with an exceptionally rigid structure, featuring a large leading-edge and solid central strut. Thanks to this design you’ll be able to enjoy more power in your take-offs, better upwind performances, and smoother gliding thanks to its perfect canopy tension. The WK wingspan is optimized to be handled easily even when well powered. The triple ripstop fabric makes it durable and light, while the Kevlar-reinforced leading-edge seams ensure durability.

You’ll find this Takuma foil wing responsive yet forgiving in any situation. Not only its features make your riding time more enjoyable, but they will also help you improve control over every situation that arises during surf sessions. Moreover, thanks to its stability and lift capability, going faster downwind has never been easier!



The semi-rigid handles of the Takuma WK are perfectly positioned on the central strut to provide a stable power grip and direct connection with the wind. The longer handle lengths made of anti-slip material allow for different riders needs and are intuitive to use, and provide better stability during transitions or moves. When surfing you can easily control the wing with one hand from through the leading center edge handle, which helps keep you in balance while maintaining optimum angle settings.



Compact Design

• Low aspect ratio

• Central unified power delivers high-performance efficiency plus exceptional stability 

• Easy take-off

• Easy upwind


 Triple Semi-Rigid Antislip Handles

• 2 long handles for optimum maneuverability

• Middle strut handle for a perfectly balanced take-off

• Leading-edge handle for ease of neutral positioning


Smart Inflation Valve



Watch the official Takuma foil WK 2021video:

Takuma WK Review

The Takuma Foil WK is the perfect surf foil wing for taking your wingsurf skills to the next level. Versatilie, forgiving and easy-to-fly power on any condition, you will love it on eaither flat water or waves.