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2022 Slingshot Sentry V1 Kite Bar

The new 2022 Slingshot Sentry V1 features brand new design, click-in quick release system and auto-swivel that automatically untwist front lines!



2022 Slingshot Sentry V1 Kite Bar

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2022/2021 Slingshot Sentry Bar V1

The Totally New Slingshot Bar!

I’ve been riding Slingshot since the beginning of my kite career, my very first kite was a 2005 Fuel. I remember it very well, it was ridiculously hard to relaunch. I also remember the bar that came with it: the safety leash was to be attached to a back-line (and that’s maybe one of the reasons why the freestyle folks used to attach in suicide mode) and if you had to pull the quick release, you would inevitably loose a piece of your chickenloop into the water… Me and my best friend had bought the gear together and our deal was “whatever happens, don’t pull the release, we’ll find a solution” lol.

Nonetheless, I’ve been loyal to the Slingshot brand season after season, and I’ve seen their gear progressing a lot, always staying at the top of the market.

Recently, I had been thinking already for a while that the Slingshot bar needed a refresh. In late 2015 Slingshot introduced the Guardian, with above the bar depower trim and anti-dethloop quick release system… but the Sentinel version of their bar (formerly known as Compstic control bar), remained pretty much the same since 2009, with the introduction of the new quick release system and the launch of the first model of their famous RPM.

So, you want to know how’s the brand new 2021 kite bar from Slingshot, right?

How’s the new 2022 SLINGSHOT kite bar?

The new Sentry bar is a totally new kite bar from our fellow engineers at Slingshot. It’s more comfy, and finally features some of the features that other bars already featured in the last years, PLUS some super cool innovation!

Slingshot Sentry V1 Features:

  • PU covered depower lines for durability
  • Click-In chicken loop, suuuper quick to re-setup.
  • Semi-suicide mode ring
  • New EVA grip, nice and comfy for you hands.
  • Front lines Auto-swivel!

Auto-Swivel: how does the automatic front lines untwisting work:

This is definitely the best feature introduced by the Sentry V1: the first auto-swivel line untwisting system on the market, which will make your lines automatically untwist just by pulling on the the bar. Ceramic bearings and a Dual Cambered hole will make your lines untwist automatically after a spin or a kiteloop, just like magic.

It’s easier to undertand if you have a look at the official video:

Sentry bar Depower System

For those of you, that, like me, appreciated the Slingshot’s below the bar depower system (the Guardian bar), I have to tell you: the Sentry features a standard above the bar system. Sorry guys…

The new sentry bar is also ISO compliant, if you care enough.

And it comes with a nice protective bag, oh!


Slingshot Sentry V1 sizes :

  • 17″ Bar x 20 meter lines
  • 20″ Bar x 20 meter lines (+3 meter line extensions)
  • 23″ Bar x 27 meter lines

How to choose the bar and lines length:

  • 17″ For smaller kites ( 8mt down) and Wakestyle riders.
  • 20″ Your standard size
  • 23 For bigger kites (13mt and above)
  • Extensions: use longer lines for low wind days. Honestly longer lines make everything a bit slower and, therefore, easier, so I recommend mounting them if you are working on your freestyle skills and trying new tricks for the first time.

Sentry V1 Package Includes:

  • Sentry Bar Bag
  • Short Freeride Leash (not suitable for handlepasses ha!)
  • Quick Start Guide (But I recommend that you already know what you are doing bro)
  • And the bar