Slingshot Rpx V1 2022

The New Slingshot RPX 2022 is the evolution of the RPM, the most famous Slingshot’s kite. But is it really a new kite? Scroll down to the description to find out what’s new and my opinions about the RPX V1.




Slingshot Rpx V1 2022

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RPX Slingshot 2021/2022 V1

The evolution of the RPM, the most famous Slingshot’s kite

Ok, so personally I’ve been riding Slingshot RPMs since 2012 or so, and, as a first reaction, you might think that a total re-design would annoy me.
For sure the “Xtra Friride” claim didn’t appeal to me much… I mean, since I started kiting, “freeride” is always been considered the kitesurf discipline for the less radical kiters, something for Boomers and the grey haired. Unleast you’re up for 1 week long downwinders in Brasil, or crazy expedition riding from fiord to fiord, there’s nothing really X-treme in freeriding, if you compare it to mega loops and 5+mt high double handlepasses (so sick!).

Still, not scared by the unlucky payoff, I was pretty curious to test this new Slingshot toy and to understand if it is just a re-naming we’re talking about or a real re-design.


So, is the Slingshot RPX a real new-design kite?

The RPM has been out since 2009 and, starting from his second version, which corrected some initials flaws, the Open-C hybrid-shaped Slingshot flagship kite has always been one of the best kites on the market, particularly for unhooked freestyle. You could love it or hate it according to your preference (it has always been a kinda physical kite sail), but no one would ever dare to say that it isn’t a great kite.

Still, last year I tried to put my 2020 RPM next to a 2009 RPM from a friend and, a part from better materials, different bridling system, some improvements here and there and a wider and more open shape (my 11mt could cover the older 12mt), you could still say that the kite was pretty much the same.


Whats’s new in the RPX V1?

  1. The first difference you’re going to notice in the Slingshot RPX is that the trailing edge has been completely re-designed, this supposedly reduces turbulences and gives you a better response in the whole wind window.
  2. Slingshot removed 88 panels, for a significantly reduced weight.
  3. Its new bridles are 25% thinner, thus resulting in less drag.
  4. Finally I found it’s Open-C shape even more open, with a bigger aspect ratio.


Tojo’s Opinion on the Slingshot RPX V1

Honestly, for being promoted as an “Xtra Freeride” kite, the Slingshot RPX is likely the kite with the best slack I ever witnessed. We all know that the RPM is newer been one of the highest jumping kites out there, the situation ad already been improved in the last editions but, thanks to the new shape, the RPX finally changes this, and you will notice that this kite jumps definitely higher and better (still for big-air riding I recommend looking at the newest Slingshot Machine, which took the place of the Raptor).

I personally witnessed Mr. Carlos Mario Bebe and the Slingshot’s young gun Jeremy Burlando landing any kind of wakestyle and old-school freestyle extravaganza with this kite, proving that this kite is up to the task. A great one-quiver kite.

To sum up, the 2021 – 2022 Slingshot RPX is a user-friendly and super easy-flying kite that jumps higher and slacks more than its predecessor. You can stop overthinking it and get your ends on it, no matter if you are a beginner, a boomer, or a freestyle warrior.


Slingshot RPX Features:

  • Insane slack for handle passes, perfect for improving in wakestyle
  • Increased big-air and hang time
  • Faster turning
  • Improved kiteloop ability
  • Versatilie and easy to fly


Slingshot RPX Size chart

Slingshot RPX Size chart

Are you searching for Slingshot RXT V1? Well you mispelled it!

Watch the official video for the Slingshot RPX 2022:

Slingshot RPX + Sentry Bar

If you want to buy the new Slingshot RPX you gotta pair it with the new Slingshot Sentry Bar, a completely redesigned Slingshot bar featuring a super-cool Auto-untwisting system and other great improvements like:

  • PU coated centerlines
  • Slick-In chicken loop
  • Nice and soft EVA grip

The Sentry V1 is available in 3 sizes:

  • 17″ x 20 mt lines
  • 20″ x 20 mt lines + 3mt extensions included
  • 23″ x 23 mt lines


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